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Anti-Slip Magic Sticky Mat

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  • Item will be shipped within 2 working days by courier service from date of purchase. Please allow an additional 1 to 2 working days for delivery.
  • Images are for illustrative purposes; there may be slight variance in colour/size between image and actual item.


Product Exchange Policy

  • 1 to 1 exchange in case of manufacturer’s defects must be done within 7 days upon receipt of item.
  • To exchange your product, please email to: with the subject ‘1 to 1 Exchange’ to ensure stock availability.
  • Only full sets with the original conditions and packaging can be exchanged.
  • Colour/Design is subject to availability.



Anti-Slip Magic Sticky Mat
Colours are Randomly Shipped

  • With this Anti-Slip Magic Sticky Pad, you can easily, safely and firmly put your mobile phone, pens, keys, coins, sunglasses on car dashboard.
  • Designed to prevent slipping and sliding, it is the perfect accessory to complement the dash and secure all handheld devices.
  • Place items firmly to Anti-Slip Magic Sticky Pad to keep them securely mounted as you commute through your day.
  • It can also be used in bathroom, kitchen or office.


Anti Slip Car Mat

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