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Bricks Building Toys-Double Storey House with Playground

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Bricks Building Toys

Bricks Building Toys inspire creativity in children, and are one of the very best educational toys with which a child can play. The benefits that they provide are many. Building blocks and toys give children a chance to build their world, and in doing so, blocks and building toys help your child in developing a range of skills.


What skills will my child develop through Building Blocks and Toys?

Each specific type of building toy will help your child to develop different skills, but there are some overarching benefits which are gained through all forms of block and building play.


Intellectual Benefits

Even at a young age, playing with building blocks and toys helps your child to develop skills in basic mathematics and physics. Creativity aside, building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as your child works this out, their building and block play will become more and more complex. As the complexity increases, so does their concentration level.

Building and block play also helps children develop problem solving skills, especially once they begin to develop specific plans in their head.


Physical Benefits

Toy bricks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands, and improve eye-hand coordination. Babies and toddlers enjoy playing with very big blocks which require fine (small) motor skills to pick up, and gross (large) motor skills to move about. If you watch a toddler at play, you’ll see them use their entire body to get a big block in place. As children get older, building blocks and toys get more detailed and require precise movements with plenty of control. This type of play helps to develop fine motors skills which can be transferred to other learning areas.


Emotional and Social Benefits

Block play encourages children to make friends and cooperate, and is often one of the first experiences a child has playing with others. Blocks are a benefit for the children because they encourage interaction and imagination. Creativity can be a combined action that is important for social play.


Creative benefits

Children receive creative stimulation by making their own designs with blocks.


We are pleased to offer our range of high quality, educational and fun bricks building toys at an affordable price to all our customers. We hope more children can benefit from the cognitive, linguistic, physical and social boosts that can actually help them develop faster and learn while they are having fun.




Product:  Double Storey House with Playground
Pieces: 366


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