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Perfect Fit Button-As Seen on TV

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  • Item will be shipped within 2 working days by courier service from date of purchase. Please allow an additional 1 to 2 working days for delivery.
  • Images are for illustrative purposes; there may be slight variance in colour/size between image and actual item.


Product Exchange Policy

  • 1 to 1 exchange in case of manufacturer’s defects must be done within 7 days upon receipt of item.
  • To exchange your product, please email to: with the subject ‘1 to 1 Exchange’ to ensure stock availability.
  • Only full sets with the original conditions and packaging can be exchanged.
  • Colour/Design is subject to availability.



Perfect Fit Button-As Seen on TV, is the revolutionary solution for just about everyone – men, women and kids too. So if those pants are getting too tight, or they’re too loose, no problem, just pop on the Perfect Fit Button and push the lock tight cap and you’re ready to go. It takes just seconds and guarantees your jeans, pants or skirts fit perfectly every time. Don’t spend on replacing your wardrobe when you can wear your older clothes that didn’t fit and make it a perfect fit. Best of all, there’s no sewing needed because it attaches in seconds!




*Buttons are made from durable Aluminium material, not Plastic material.








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